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2011 News

Jade Warrior are proud to announce that their 1992 album Breathing The Storm is now available for download from both Amazon - and iTunes -

Breathing The Storm has been described as a transitional album, poised between the Island band of the 70's and the experimental work of Jade Warrior today.

Haiku is inching its way towards a conclusion (It would creep a bit faster if Jon didn't keep changing everything, all the time!). Dave and Chris Ellis (who has agreed to help us with some fabulous acoustic guitar) will be working with Jon this Thurs/Fri.

Like Robert Fripp said "The work lets you know when it's ready". Jon says "I wish it would hurry up and make up its mind then!"

Direct from Jon:
We received an email recently asking why things were so quiet. Sorry for the lack of information but finishing this Haiku album has taken our eye off the ball somewhat and made us forget the people that really matter...
You see, it's really difficult to know if a piece of music (let alone a whole album) is finished or not until you've lived with it a bit.

The site sitter has been nagging me to tell everybody what's going on but, what with all the discussions regarding the inclusion of an orchestra, I've been waiting on other people myself, BUT that is no excuse for not putting some news out.

Haiku is all written (actually there's about three albums worth of music written) but the band stuff in between the orchestral bits is being organised as I write.

Sorry again for the lack of information but it's only because I'm waiting on news myself.

In the real world, Dave is playing with Bill Nelson (of Be Bop Deluxe fame) on Saturday 26th March in a "Legends" TV recording in front of 125 guests. More details are at:

2010 News

As you can see, we have refreshed the entire website with a new colour scheme.

A portrait of Jon, taken at a recent photo shoot during a break from the HAIKU sessions, has been added to the gallery.

Jon has fully embraced the digital age and is now on twitter. To see his tweets, head on over to or search for jadewarriorJon.

During their time at Island, Jade Warrior sponsored a drag bike which was built by Mick Hand and Angus Mcphail. Goto to see it in action.

Classic Rock magazine currently have a Prog Rock special out in the UK which includes a two page article on Jade Warrior, and fine reviews of both NOW and Floating World.

The setlist for our Astoria gig in 2008 has been posted at Astoria Setlist. Were you there? we'd love to hear your thoughts on the gig.

Sorry the news has not been updated for a while but we've had holidays, some DIY, and Dave off touring with Gong, so there's not been much to report.

To coincide with NOW being re-issued recently, we have put Dave's 3 part podcast (on the making of NOW) up for those who missed it first time - goto the Listen page. NOW is available as a digipak from Repertoire Records at, and the original CD is still available on Amazon at

The HAIKU album is progressing nicely, and we should have some sample snippets for you to hear soon.

In addition to NOW being reissued, we are pleased to announce the reissue of both Kites and Way Of The Sun by Esoteric Recordings (previously known as Eclectic Records). They can be purchased directly from them at

Esoteric are also planning to complete the "Island set" with the release of Floating World and Waves during July.

In other news, the listeners at Epileptic Gibbon have been voting on their favorite tracks for the programme's 3rd anniversary special, and one of the tracks from NOW was included in the selection.

We are pleased to announce that our current album NOW, has been released as a digipak by Repertoire Records and is available to purchase from them at along with Jade Warrior, Released, Last Autumn's Dream, Eclipse, and Fifth Element.

NOW is also available as a download from Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, Napster (USA only), and Rhapsody (USA only).

Progress on both the instrumental album HAIKU and the, as yet, untitled song album have been slow of late but we are happy with what we have so far and will be putting up some snippets of the tracks soon.

Woody Harris over at has recently given "Images of Dune", from our Horizen album, a spin on his Soundscape #189 radio program as part of a Dune themed segment. Click on the link to listen in (it starts at about 1h 19m).

For those of you who are accessing our flash based website, you will have noticed we have made a few changes and also that it no longer opens in a separate window. Barry tells us that all the file sizes have been reduced too, so that it should load a lot quicker.

Recording for the instrumental album HAIKU has now resumed and we are hopeful of getting some "work in progress" samples up on the site soon.

We have added two more pictures from the recently discovered set, taken in 1974 at Island Studios by photographer Chris Nation, to our gallery.

The Alternative Mike Oldfield Group on Yahoo interviewed Jon recently with Dave asking their questions, click on the following links to listen. Interview Pt 1. Interview Pt 2. Interview Pt 3.

Due to the inclement weather we've had in the UK, our planned recording sessions for the new albums have been temporarily postponed. Hopefully we will be getting together soon to resume the sessions

Firstly, a belated Happy New Year to you all - let's hope it is a better one than the last.

Just a minor news item: our html site (for those without Flash installed) has had a bit of a make-over in readiness for the forthcoming albums.

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2009 News

You may have noticed that things have been slow here, but to paraphrase Douglas Adams; We've been spending 6 months asleep for tax purposes.

Jon has been busy writing and recording material for the Haiku album while Dave is currently still touring with Gong. Once Dave has finished that we will start in earnest recording the other JW album and hope to have some sample tracks of both projects on the site in early 2010.

We have added a couple of pictures from a recently discovered set, taken in 1974 at Island Studios, to our gallery.

Dave will be touring with Gong and The Steve Hillage Band on most of the dates of their upcoming tour. He is standing in for resident bass player Mike Howlett and will be playing dates in Italy, Germany and the UK. Check out Dave's MySpace site at for details. Dave is also touring with Cipher (Dave and Theo Travis) in May performing a new soundtrack to the classic silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, again check the MySpace site for details.

We are pleased to announce that Repertoire Records have now re-issued the remaining Vertigo Albums on CD.
Eclipse is available to purchase at and Fifth Element is at

We're back! Apologies for going AWOL on the interweb, our hosting company had a server crash which made us disappear from your screens for a while. Normal service has NOW been resumed. There is no news as such, other than we are working in the studio and the Haiku album is coming along.

Despite the country coming to a standstill because of the snow - we've been busy writing and recording our, as yet untitled, Haiku album which is progressing nicely.

WindWeaver have uploaded a promo video for NOW onto YouTube; check it out at , particularly the high quality version.

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2008 News

NOW was voted at 44th in Gagliarchives top 100 charting progressive albums of 2008. Check it and the others out at

Here at JW towers things are shutting down for the Christmas break. We would like to thank you all for your continued support, especially those who travelled from afar for our London gig.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and (if possible) a prosperous New Year.   Jon, Glyn, Dave.

The final part of Dave Sturt's informative NOW podcast is available to hear on the Listen page.

Another good review of NOW, this time by Jeff Perkins of BlogCritics magazine at

Repertoire Records will be re-issuing both Eclipse and Fifth Element on CD very soon, thereby completing the set of recordings from the Vertigo era.

There is a very good review of NOW by Todd Whitesel on his Classic Rock Music Blog, which is at and don't forget, you can still buy a copy of NOW at

From the Band:
A really belated thanks to everybody who attended our Astoria gig... you were fantastic!. We had a great time and all the kind comments we have been getting suggest that most of you enjoyed it as well. Some people had come from as far away as California, Finland, Germany, Scotland, and Wales.. (Forgive me if I left any out). We feel so fortunate to have such a diverse and vociferous following... we couldn't do it without you... God bless you all. You have made it clear that we must do it all again soon. But for now it's nice to be able to get back to the "Haiku" album. See you all soon.

For those who couldn't make the gig, Chris Welch has a good review at and check out our gallery page, which has some fantastic photos from the gig.

Final rehearsals for the Astoria gig took place today, including a full showcase rehearsal in front of invited guests that went very well (apart from Tim breaking a string).

We've had several enquiries regarding purchasing NOW as a download MP3. The album is available from the following outlets.
Click here for Amazon
Click here for eMusic
Click here for Lala - USA only
Click here for Napster - USA Only
Click here for Rhapsody - USA Only

NOW should also be on iTunes (all territories) in approx 2 weeks. If you prefer your music on a real CD, you can pick one up at

Rehearsals for the Astoria gig are coming on very well. The final lineup has been settled and will be:
Glyn - vocals
Jon - Flute/Percussion
Dave - Bass/Backing Vocals/soundscapes
Tim Stone - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jeff Davenport - Drums/Handsonic
Theo Travis - Sax/Flute
Alex Maguire - Keyboards
Lottie Field - Flute
Gowan Turnbull - Sax/Flute
Tickets are still available from the Astoria box office 020 7434 9592, or online at

The second instalment of Dave Sturt's NOW podcast is up on the Listen page.

There is a long and detailed review of NOW on DPRP at which concludes with an 8.5 out of 10 score.

Tickets for our Astoria 2 gig in London on 23rd October can be bought online directly from or in person at the Astoria box office.

Check out these entertaining YouTube videos which feature Jade Warrior songs.
Monkey Chant
Memories of a Distant Sea
A Prenormal Day at Brighton

With the summer holidays over, we are concentrating on rehearsals for the Astoria gig. The set list is quite varied, covering a lot of our career, including: Petunia, A Winter's Tale and Snake.

The review of NOW from Record Collector magazine can be found online at

Dave has recently been helping out Theo Travis with some mixing and co-production on tracks for the vinyl release of 'Thread' - Theo's duet album with Robert Fripp of King Crimson.
Dave and Theo are also scheduled to play with Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe, Red Noise) at Bill's 'Nelsonica' convention in November, see for more details.

Woody Harris at has once again played a track from NOW, this time it was Screaming Dreams plus four other songs from our first album on his Soundscape #121 radio program (they start at about 1h 32m). Click the link to listen in.

The chaps at recently played Journey and Lost Boys on their Soundscape #120 radio program (they're at about 2h 38m).

The Sid Smith review of NOW is in the September edition of Record Collector (page 90) and not, as we thought, last months edition. Also Sid Smith has an unusual picture from his NOW competition winner at

On October 23rd 2008, 35 years after their last live appearance, Jade Warrior return to the live circuit with a gig at The Astoria 2, 165 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2 0EN. Advance tickets - priced at �15, are on sale direct from the Astoria box office at 020 7434 9592. Co-headliners with Jade Warrior on the night will be Karnataka, a prog-rock/folk band of some repute.

Due to recording commitments, this will be your only chance to see Jade Warrior playing live this year, which should make it a very special night. We hope you can make it!

Check out for a Jade Warrior Special podcast, where there is an interview with Jon, Glyn, and Dave.

Don't forget, our latest CD NOW is available from where payment can now be made by credit/debit card (via PayPal) or cheque/money order.

Stuart Maconie gave Lost Boys a spin on his Freak Zone show last Sunday. You can check it out at via BBC iplayer until Sunday 13th (It's at 2h 20m).

We finally got round to changing the podcast! Have a listen to Dave Sturt talking about NOW and revealing some of the thoughts and decisions made while making the album.

There has been an overwhelming response of members buying 'NOW', and this means all signed copies have now been allocated - thank you all.
We have a final signing session to attend this weekend, which means some copies are still to be dispatched, so please bear with us.

Glyn will be busy, giving an interview on BBC Radio Wales at 7.30pm on July 4th, you can listen in live at or catch up using iplayer upto 7 days later.

Dave has an interview in Record Collector magazine (out tomorrow) and there is a review of 'NOW'.

Lastly, our store at has some new NOW inspired items - including a fab clock where the time is always NOW!

June 08:
'NOW' - the 14th studio album from Jade Warrior will be officially released on 30th of June on the WindWeaver Music label, and will be available exclusively from where pre-orders via PayPal (credit card) are being taken, effective immediately. Orders will not be dispatched until 30th June.

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May 08:
The news format has changed to a more ad hoc style as the guys are extremely busy working on several projects and the pressure of delivering monthly news was just too much for them.

April 08:
Better late than never...
NOW update: We have been weighing up options on ways of releasing NOW and we will have firm news very soon. Thanks to all of you who have sent in emails - your patience will be rewarded!

Trivia corner: While mastering NOW, Jon and Andy Jackson realised that they had worked together before - on the album 'Grand Passion' from Doll By Doll - which was produced by Tom Newman. All of the Doll by Doll albums have just been re-released by Rhino Records.

Dave is busy touring the UK with Cipher (alongside Theo Travis) - they are playing their new soundtrack to the classic 1925 silent film 'The Phantom of the Opera' - remaining dates are:
Sat 10 May -- Leeds Hyde Park Picture House (0113 275 2045)
Sun 11 May -- Cambridge Arts Picturehouse (0871 704 2050)
Sun 18 May -- Norwich Cinema City (0871 704 2053)
Thur 22 May -- Bath The Little Theatre Cinema (0871 704 2061)
Fri 23 May -- Coventry Warwick Arts Centre (0247 6524524)
Sun 25 May -- Nottingham Broadway (0115 9526611)
Sat 28 June -- Portsmouth No6 Cinema (0781 5650753)

Other alumni news:
Jeff Davenport is now the UK representative for Sonor drums and Theo is about to release a duet album alongside Robert Fripp - it will be called 'Thread' - check for updates.

March 08:
It was gratifying to see the response to our little shop sale, thanks to all those who helped us celebrate the end of 'NOW' by buying one (or sometimes two) items. Sadly, all our merchandise prices are now back to normal.

We've finished the mastering of 'NOW', a great time was had by one and all, and it's all in the correct order and ready for release. We will be announcing the release date as soon as we know it, so, as they say, "Watch this space".

Our Haiku inspired project (an instrumental suite with the working title "The Sound Of Snow On Water") is moving on apace as are a whole pile of new songs (lyrics). As well as the "Milton rock opera"... more about these projects throughout the coming months.

March has not been around for long, so there may be more news for you over the next few days. Keep an eye on our website as little things are changing all the time.

February 08:
We have two bits of important information for you.
Firstly, it seems that Hotmail/MSN are currently blocking all emails from our web host, 1and1.
Until Hotmail/MSN and 1and1 resolve this issue any emails to us originating from Hotmail/MSN will not be able to receive a reply. If possible, please use another email address when contacting us.

Secondly, don't forget we have a massive $2 discount on everything in our store - starting on February 2nd at midnight (GMT) but it's only for a limited time. Go to and grab yourself a bargain.

Not news as such, but we found these pictures - Bike 1, Bike 2, Bike 3, of the Jade Warrior drag racing bike on the web. Jon's neighbour, Angus McPhail, had designed and built the bike with Mick Hand. It was powered by half a formula 1 engine and rear wheel. Jon got Island records to pay for the paintwork and a set of matching leathers, and the bike was named "Jade Warrior".

January 08:
Hi, firstly we're sorry this news is late (a recurring theme for us) it was assumed by each of us that the other was doing it, so this is a bit of a collective effort. Also we would like to thank all those who sent us Xmas greeting emails, it was a great surprise!!

So, the good news is that Stuart Maconie, fab BBC DJ, chose 'Waves' as his record of the week on his 'Freakzone' show on BBC 6 Music. Stuart has been known to play JW in the past, so he definitely deserves some support, check the show out at

There was also a nice piece by Barry Winton about 'Floating World' in the February edition of Record Collector magazine.

The album is finally nearing completion - although Jon currently has a bad case of man flu which is causing him to have delusional episodes where he believes he's in this fabulous band, nearing the end of the greatest album - reality will kick in soon. Anyway, if it wasn't for that hiatus we'd be mastering this week.

We are all feeling very generous, and so in order to celebrate the finishing of our "NOW" album we have a special offer on all merchandise in the store. Starting on February 2nd, there will be a $2 price reduction on all the products. Hurry, hurry - it is for a limited period and won't last!!

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2007 News

December 07:
The news as seen by Jon:
It's that time again when I try and dig up some news that might be of interest. Having failed to do that, how about this.

You see the thing that would be of most interest, I can't tell you about!

There was "murders" (well almost) here last week. Needless to say it was all my fault because of a total misunderstanding... (subtitled "I got it wrong"), anyway that is all I can say on the subject except that Agent Sturt comes out of it a bit hurt but with his dignity intact and I don't (God, I got it so wrong.. I'm so embarrassed!). As always Glyn has come out of it smelling like "Chanel No5".

We are getting to the end of the easy bit of "NOW" (the recording) and now the crap bit starts (grown ups talking to other grown ups about sales).

The "Fabulous Stone" (Tim) was here recently playing on the new track (fantastic as always). Glyn has a title for it but, it makes us sound gay (well... we are happy enough most of the time) so we must think of a more macho title as befits our butch image. We have put this and another new track up on the site, so give them a listen and see what you think.

Agent S has mutated into his penultimate form (no need for panic as it wont be for long).

As you see this document has deteriorated into gibberish and so it's time for me, on behalf of the band, to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

November 07:
Some news from Jon Field:
Due to enormous pressure from the "site sitter" to supply him with some news, it has fallen to me to come across.

Well.. firstly, it's not our fault that "Autumn" came weeks too early this year (scientific fact) and that, as we were finishing mixing, we found two more songs (albeit in embryonic form) that just had to be included on NOW. We have no idea how these songs got onto my hard drive, but they are too good to leave off.

One of them gives me a chance to play lots of congas as it's quite African in style and the other is.. just plain pretty (if that is at all possible). Both are nearing completion and as Autumn (in order to make amends) is going to last longer than ever before this year (another scientific fact) the whole thing should be finished before Christmas. It might be after Christmas before they can get it to you though, because of boring marketing stuff.

Our beloved site sitter wants to change the "released in Autumn 2007" to "released in early 2008" because he is incapable of knowingly telling a lie.

We are sorry it's all taking longer than expected, but as all Jade Warrior watchers know, "Time is an illusion". SOON... SOON...

October 07:
The guys are gathering in the next few days, we'll have some news for you then. In the meantime..

Our store has had a makeover with a much wider range of items for sale, and we plan to have some new designs added soon. Check them out at

If you missed it, we have the guys interview with Paul Baker at rock247online available, so click on the following links to listen. Interview Pt 1. Interview Pt 2. Interview Pt 3.

In case you haven't noticed, a gallery button has appeared on the site. You'll find a collection of new and old pictures of Jade Warrior there, plus some July and Tomcats ones too.

September 07:
The band have just finished a mixing session at Blossom Studio in South Wales. They mixed seven of the tracks for the new album along with engineer Noel Watson - a very talented chap;

Whilst there, Jon also managed to put down some flute for Tall Trees - which was recorded (very) early one morning in the fields of a local farm.

The guys have also been busy with interviews: Firstly talking to Will Romano, a writer from New York, who is writing a book on progressive rock for Backbeat Books/Hal Leonard. And then an interview with Paul Baker for his online radio show "Soundscapes" on rock247online at which will be broadcast on 16th and 19th Sept - see here for more info -

In case you haven't noticed the podcast has been changed, it's now Glyn's dulcet tones talking over "Masai Morning".

We have had several enquiries about purchasing the Eclectic re-issues and, until their situation becomes clearer, we would suggest trying or who both seem to have copies for sale.

August 07:
August news (as seen by Jon Field):
I'm afraid this months news is even more boring than any of the others. How many ways are there of saying "we are finishing off overdubs and sub-mixes"?. I feel I must apologise and urge you not to read on as it's all treading water stuff waiting for this goddam album to get done.

"We need a news page," says Agent Sturt, as we were helping Barry to design our website. "Well you write it then", says the band. "OK I will," says Dave and ends up writing about one or something because he's so "knackered" (there's that word again) and the rest is left up to me.

This is a very edgy time in the band's life what with last minute changes and having to stay close to discuss all the endless bits of detail, and the cover and everything... so Agent Sturt chooses this time to visit his brother in America for a month. So Dave is out of it with a cheery "bye for now, and sort out those two tracks, write another piece, sort out the twenty thousand ideas for cover artwork, find some old photos of the band (that nobody has ever seen before) as you looked in the bronze age, and talk to shed loads of people you've never spoken to before."

What has happened to Eclectic records? They seem not to be trading at the moment. We will find out whats happening and let you know!

I don't know what else to write and I wouldn't bother with it, but the web designer bullied me*... sorry!

*No I didn't - just a bit of gentle persuasion ;-).

July 07:
July news direct from Jon Field:
Up until a few days ago the only news was that Agent Sturt was too "knackered" to write it, (that's Dave's favourite word these days.. in fact he tries to fit the word "knackered" into everything he says.. like the other day he said, "I'm so depressed.. I can't enjoy my rice pudding without nutmeg but I'm just too knackered to go to the nutmeg shop").

That aside, guess what we've been doing... yes... the same as last month... recording... very soon we'll be mixing.

But two bits of news worth telling you are that the artwork for NOW is to be undertaken by Ed Unitsky... great news... if you don't know his work then check out his fantastic art at
And, the albums mastering is to be put into the more than capable hands of Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson (so at least we know it will sound flip hot).

Glyn is also depressed, of course, because he is a poet and Welsh... but that goes without saying.. it's his job to be pissed off (and very well he does it too).

The fabulous Tim Stone was in the studio the other day, playing the guitar like a mad baboon on smack. He says, "nobody else lets me play this shit.... even I won't let me play this stuff on my own album!".

I, on the other hand (if anyone is interested at all), am neither depressed or knackered. I am raring to go... anywhere but here.

June 07:
Jon, Glyn and Dave got together at the end of May for three days of recording, photo shoots, and making merry. A good time was had by all, plus the album has moved nearer to completion, with the plan for a Autumn release.

Dave is now officially an endorsee of Vigier basses, check out the artists page at Dave has been playing their basses for 20 years and swears that his Passion Delta metal fretless is the greatest bass ever made!

Jon has been working with Tim (Stone) on an idea Lottie (Field... Jon's daughter) had, which was to set some of her favorite haiku to music in order to create ten or so "haiku miniatures". Jon (never too proud to steal a good idea) has pinched this concept and with frequent visits and contributions from Dave, Tim, and a somewhat miffed Lottie, it is making good progress.

Sales at the store are good and some new items, including another Vertigo based T-shirt design, have recently been added. Let us know if there are any particular designs you would like to see on a T-shirt or poster, we'll see what we can do. Island records T-shirt designs (Waves...Kites) have been commissioned, and will be with us soon.

Floating World was favourably reviewed in the English national newspaper 'The Independent', go to to read the review.

The re-release of Last Autumn's Dream is now available from Repertoire at -

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May 07:
The website has now gone 'live'. Check the previous diary entries below to find out what has been going on.

The store is also up and running at and podcasts by Jon and Glyn have been added to the freebies page (accessible through 'Members' on the flash site) - they give some of the inside stories to earlier recordings, expect more soon.

The band have taken back the rights for 'Breathing the Storm' and 'Distant Echoes'. These albums are going to be reworked and remastered for re-release later in the year.

The band are gathering in Wales soon for more recording and pre-mixing of 'NOW'. Jon is working on ideas for the cover.

Dave is also working on tracks with Theo Travis and Robert Fripp for Theo's next solo album. Check Theo's website for details at

April 07:
The Classic Rock Society article mentioned last month can now be viewed
Tim Stone and Theo Travis have both added more fabulous playing to the album. Tim added new guitar parts to Fool and his Bride, The Game, and True Love, while Theo contributed another solo on Fool and his Bride and soprano sax on Tall Trees.

Dave and Jon have been working on the arrangements of Tall Trees and True Love and put down flute parts on The Game, congas on Fool and his Bride and a new bass part on True Love. Glyn is about to record new vocals for True Love and The Game. An excerpt of True Love is now on the MySpace website.

The main website is getting many favourable comments from the beta testers. The store is now being put together and there are many ideas for products. Jon is putting together some fabulous designs.

'Screaming Dreams' is the new title for what used to be called 'Backyard Baby'.

In the current edition of Record Collector magazine Rhys Webb of 'The Horrors' chose 'Dandelion Seeds' by July as his all time favourite record. July was, of course, the band Jon and Tony were members of (along with Tom Newman) before they formed Jade Warrior.

March 07:
The album is progressing really well - all of the pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place - and everyone is really pleased with where it's at.

The new arrangement for Tall Trees sounds fantastic --- Bury My Bones (now renamed Backyard Baby), 3am Meltdown and Journey are just about finished --- The Fool and his Bride is 80 percent complete --- The three new ideas of Jon's, plus True Love, will be the next tracks to be focused on.

Interest in the Jade Warrior back catalogue continues - the Eclectic/Island re-releases have had fantastic reviews - and Repertoire records are about to re-release Last Autumn's Dream, which will complete the release of the original Vertigo albums from the 70's.

There will be a feature on the band in the next issue of the Classic Rock Society magazine - 'Rock Society' - written by Ashley Franklin.

The JOKE (some would say "Fake") News

February 07:
Against all the odds Dave has succeeded in building his time machine, so the guys can progress at a much more leisurely pace while making their new album (as if they're not going slow enough already).

Turning on the time machine has caused quite a few strange things to happen. All the guys new recordings so far have an annoying pre-echo on them, which can induce nausea. In the UK we have abandoned the decimal coinage system and reverted back to Pounds, Shillings and Pence (£sd), while BBC2 is now being broadcast in black and white only. Strangely though, the price of housing is still very high. Finally, Dave's huge stash of Golden Syrup has been turned into a nice little water feature.

That's all for NOW. The real news starts next month.

January 07:
At their current rate the guys expect the album to be finished sometime during early 2012, just in time for it to be played at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London.

The band are to make a personal appearance soon at a local shopping centre to prove they are still (allegedly) alive. While there, Jon is hoping to pick up a nice leather steering wheel cover.

In a brilliant flash of inspiration (and a small puff of acrid blue smoke), Glyn has come up with the idea that JW should obtain copyright on the word "NOW". If successful, this means that an alternative word will have to be substituted for everyday folk to use (except traffic wardens and bank managers, as a recent survey found that they never say "NOW"!). Suggestions so far have included "splod", "grint", "yuple" but our current favourite is "qweg". The debate continues..

Plans were drawn up for a giant "NOW" as the backdrop for a possible stage show. However, the guys making it were working in metric but JW (being old sods) still use imperial measurements, so the whole thing ended up at a massive 18 metres high, almost 3 times bigger than expected. The band are currently looking into having themselves converted to metric...

Planning for the next album after "NOW" is well under way, but the guys are rightly worried about the length of time it's taking to make each album. They have decided to attack this problem on two fronts, Dave is frantically trying to build a time machine in his coal scullery with some sheep's wool, barbed wire, and a rusty old gatepost that he had found. Meanwhile Jon and Glyn have been looking into Cryogenic chambers (mind you don't fall in!).

Jon was the victim of a cruel prank today. Glyn had painted black on the inside of Jon's glasses while he was asleep and it was almost 2 hours before Jon realised he hadn't, in fact, gone blind!

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